Fly Fishing Leigh Lake
in Jackson Hole

Since there isn't any shore access, Leigh Lake is sort of a backcountry lake. It is easier than the ones up in the Tetons because it is only about a one mile walk to the lake.

Leigh Lake

Unlike Jenny, there isn't a good trail surrounding the lake nor is there any nearby facilities. If you wish to fly fish from the shore, you can access the lake using a hiking trail that starts at the String Lake parking area. The most popular fishing option is to put a canoe in at String Lake, paddle it up the lake to the portage point, then carry it over to Leigh and put the canoe in there. The portage is very short and the trail is good.
Ice out on Leigh is generally the same as Jenny Lake, usually about mid May, but it can vary from year to year. Like Jenny it contains both lake trout and cutthroat, with an emphasis on cutthroat. The most productive fly fishing areas are the west side of the lake and the inlet where water enters from both Paintbrush and Leigh canyons. Popular fly patterns include Wooly Buggers, Zonkers and Kiwis.