Fly Fishing the Green River
in Jackson Hole


Famous throughout the West, the Green provides a variety of water types for just about every fisherman. Depending on the area, you can find pocket water, cut banks, riffles, runs and pools.

For persons coming to fish the Pinedale area from Jackson Hole, the Green is one of the most accessible rivers to fly fish. There are over 8 miles of public fishing water (administered by the Game and Fish) just upstream from the Warren Bridge (the bridge on hwy 187 north of Daniel that crosses the Green). A dirt road follows the river for eight miles with frequent pull offs that go down to the river. This area offers a variety of water types, including a lot of pocket water. There are also several public fishing areas on the Daniel Fish Hatchery road, although the access is not nearly good as above the Warren Bridge and you need to be aware of private property.


The area below Warren Bridge contains some different water types than are found upstream. It meanders back and forth through ranchland with pools, cut banks, some brush piles and other types of water. Generally this area holds bigger fish than above the bridge. It is, however, mostly private and therefore best fished from a boat. If you do decide to fish this area from the bank, be sure that you are on public land and not on private property.


The first major hatch starts just when the Green is clearing early in July. The Gray Drake hatch is always capable of bringing up some good topwater action.
Good imitations for this hatch would include a large Parachute Adams or Grey Paradrake. Continuing through the season you'll find the Golden Stones, Pale Morning Duns and a variety of caddis hatches.

map of Green River at Warren Bridge

Although you'll sometimes do better if you match the hatch, a Golden Chernobyl, Purple Bruce or Parachute Hopper will usually get you some action, depending on the time of the year. For those interested in catching some of the larger browns, try some Yuk Bugs, Sex Dungeon and Krystal Buggers.


Although fly fishermen will generally have more luck, lure fishermen will find both black with yellow Panther Martins, gold Cyclones and Roostertails to be productive at certain times of the year.


There is access for the wading angler and that person certainly has a chance of catching some fish, the best water of the Green is only accessible by boat. We offer guided float fishing on the Green starting just after the runoff, which is usually finished by the beginning of July.

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