Fly Fishing the Grey's River
in Jackson Hole

The Grey's is yet another productive trout stream in southwestern Jackson Hole, Wyoming located on the border of Idaho near Alpine. 

Beginning high in the Wyoming Range, the Grey's winds and bends its way through gorgeous forest and meadows until finally emptying into the Snake and ultimately into Palisades Reservoir.  Fly fishing here is productive typically after early July and continuing on into the fall. 

The Grey's is an excellent fishery as it contains large numbers of 9-11 inch Cutthroat trout and a few larger ones. For the most part they are not picky and can be caught with a well placed dry.  

Trout thrive in the deep pools and the plentiful structure in the water makes for ideal habitat.  The Grey's is a dream for the wading angler due to the Grey's River road providing easy access and environments ranging from gorgeous, slow moving meadow stretches, to boulder hopping whitewater and runs. 

With hatches occuring mostly beginning in spring and continuing throughout the season the Grey's is a stream that will constantly reward anglers year round.

There is no outfitting allowed on the Greys, but if you drop into our downtown store located at 225 W. Broadway, we will be happy to put some spots on one of our free fishing maps.