Fly Fishing the Hoback River
in Jackson Hole

The Hoback begins in the Wyoming Range and slowly winds its way down through the Hoback River Canyon on its way to the Snake. Highway 191 closely follows the river with numerous pullouts and a couple of camp areas, providing some of the best wade fly fishing access in Jackson Hole. Most of the river runs through National Forest until it flows through the valley of Bondurant, where it becomes private. The Hoback is one of the better places in the area for the beginner fly fisher to cast a fly. The river has a stable population of Snake River Cutthroat which range from 9 to 16 inches. In most cases these fish are not very particular and a variety of patterns will work There are virtually all types of water on the Hoback including riffles, runs, pocket water and deep pools.  The canyon is very scenic and worth the drive in itself, making this a great place to relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery.


As is true with many rivers in the area, there is a runoff that usually starts early in May and lasts into the beginning of July. The duration will depend on the amount of snow pack in the drainage area.

Once the river begins to clear there will be a variety of hatches throughout the summer. The first hatch to occur, and also some of the best fishing of the year, is in early July when the annual stonefly hatch starts. These big bugs bring a lot of fish to the surface and the fishing is often truly spectacular. During that time stonefly nymphs and dries will work well, but often the Yellow Sally hatch will overshadow the larger salmonfly and an imitation for that may work better.

After the stonefly hatch is over, Cranberry Bruce, Golden Chernobyl, Royal PMX and Stimulators will do well. For those who like fishing with streamers, try a Krystal Flash Bugger or Zonker.

For up to date information it is best to check with Bruce at our guide service office located in downtown Jackson.