Fly Fishing the New Fork River
in Jackson Hole

The New Fork is a small, intimate stream with undercut banks and numerous brush piles which provide excellent cover for German Brown Trout. This river has the best population of 14 - 19 trout in Jackson Hole and is one of the best places for an angler wanting to catch a trophy.

Unlike many rivers in Jackson Hole, there really isn't any public access on this river so it must be floated by an experienced boatman. Therefore, this mostly becomes a guided river.

In this special place we allow no more than 2 boats a day to fish any particular stretch. All fishing is limited to catch and release fly fishing. These trips drift through private land where we are not allowed to bank fish, making a float trip the only way to fish this exciting river.

The New Fork provides large numbers of good sized brown trout. On a good day, upwards of 20 fish of over 2 pounds can be caught. Every year the New Fork produces some 6 to 7 pound trophy trout. The thrill of fishing for a trophy is always there.

Although the New Fork is not a beginners stream, it can provide a valuable learning experience for the intermediate fisherman. Our guides teach you how to work with nymphs and streamers and help you tie into some nice brown trout. For those who are experienced, the New Fork offers the challenge of a lifetime. See how well you fare on this exciting river.

All our trips include lunch, transportation, beverages and any loan rods. Cameras and binoculars are well worth bringing, because it is uncommon not to see wildlife along the river.

Call Bruce at 307-690-0910 to make your reservation and we'll take care of the rest.

Please take a moment and check our guided fly fishing booking policies and frequently asked questions section. Never hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.